Best Ruud Pump Reviews and Product Descriptions

Plenty of popular heat sources are available in the market these days. Those heat sources are cheaper than heat pump. However, most people still prefer using heat pump for their houses. There must be a reason why people want to spend more money on more expensive machinery. The reason for this phenomenon is the convenience provided by heat pump. Moreover, the best Ruud heat pump products are user friendly. All you need to do in operating this device is just by flicking a single switch. Besides easy to use, Ruud heat pumps also have other advantages.

Advantages of Ruud Heat Pump

In fact, most heat pumps require complicated installation procedure. Fortunately, the installation for Ruud heat pump is easy. When you purchase this product, you will also receive installation manual which will guide you installing the heat pump easily. Moreover, the installation procedure listed on the manual is not only user friendly, but also straightforward and easy to follow. However, if you are worried that the installation is not done properly, you can always hire professional assistance to do the installation for you. Consider the payment for the technician as an investment for the electricity bill in the future.

When it comes to installing heat pump, safety always comes first. Although the compressor of Ruud heat pump is placed outside the house, it incorporates protective measure. This protection ensures the safety and stillness of the compressor. All product manufactured by this company incorporates timer feature. Like it goes to other product with similar feature, timer allows you to schedule when your heat pump needs to be activated and deactivated. It will be a useful feature, especially when you do not want to be bothered with switching mechanism. Since it deals with heat, flammable materials are the big concern. Fortunately, this product does not use such material in the construction.

Top 3 Ruud Heat Pump Reviews

#1. Ruud UP20 Heat Pump

Ruud UP20 heat pumpRuud manufactured one of the best heat pumps called Ruud UP20. This product is categorized in Ultra Series with Variable Speed. The material used for the heat pump has unique purpose depends on where the material is applied. The base pan of heat pump uses new composite material. It is able to protect the device from corrosion. In addition to such ability, it also reduces noise produced by the pump when being operated.

The biggest issue is how to control refrigerant usage. Fortunately, this impressive product incorporates technology called electric expansion valve. It allows you to control refrigerant flow on your heat pump easily. Other issue related to this product performance is leakage. In order to deal with this issue, Ruud equip the heat pump with enhanced tube design. Besides preventing leakage, it also reduces vibration that might generate unwanted noise as well.

#2. Ruud UP17 Heat Pump

Ruud UP17 heat pumpRuud UP17 is also one of the best heat pumps in top list. This product is listed as Achiever Plus Series with Three Stages of heat and cold processing. The best feature you can found is called EcoNet™. It allows you to conserve energy used to power up the system in smart way. Therefore, you will be able to save your electric bills at the same time. While other product generates noise when being operated, this economic heat pump uses improved mufflers innovation. Moreover, it will not produce too much disturbing noise.

Defrosting issue which commonly happens in other heat pump will not be found in this product as it uses optimized defrosting feature. It prevents defrosting and reduces the chance of ice forming significantly. Since the compressor of heat pump is installed outside your house, it becomes vulnerable to extreme weather and rust. Protective coating is applied in the compressor to avoid such issue.

#3. Ruud UP15 Heat Pump

Ruud RP15 Heat PumpThe last heat pump from Ruud that we will review in our list is Ruud RP15. It is categorized under Achiever Series with Single Stage of heating and cooling process. There are plenty ways to reduce noise produced by heat pump. In this product, base pan with composite material is used. Besides reducing noise, it also absorbs vibration and protects it from corrosion. In order to improve the performance, optimized defrosting feature is equipped as well. The noise produced by this device is also reduced by using optimized fan. It also ensures that airflow inside the device can move swiftly.