Best Lennox Heat Pump Reviews and Specifications

You might already know that heat pump uses the same application as refrigerator. Refrigerator has coil on the back that is able to absorb heat from its compartments. Due to lack of heat, the refrigerator compartment temperature is significantly dropped. Meanwhile, heat pump uses reverse engineered process. It is able to absorb heat form outside your house and transfer it into a certain room during winter. On the other hand, during summer, the process is the other way around. The following is list of the best Lennox heat pump review. Each of those heat pumps is able to conserve your electricity bills when being used.

Advantages of Lennox Heat Pump

Before going to the list, let us discuss about the benefits of Lennox heat pump first. The best benefit of the heat pumps produced by this manufacturer is efficiency aspect. Compared to other product in the market, you will be able to conserve more money with those devices. In order to absorb and transfer heat, this appliance needs power supply. Fortunately, those products have good performance with small amount of power. By using minimal electricity, you can already enjoy its reliable performance. When you want to purchase heat pump, you need to put efficiency rate above any other aspect.

Aside from having efficient performance, heat pumps by Lennox is also eco-friendly. Although it uses the same application as refrigerator, it does not release harmful chemicals. Refrigerator uses greenhouse gasses to help condensation process. However, the following heat pumps do not use those gasses. Greenhouse gasses are responsible for global warming. In order to prevent such disaster, you are suggested to use eco-friendly appliance such as heat pump by Lennox. Those gases polluted earth atmosphere and erode ozone layer. As you know, ozone plays huge role to protect life from sun radiation. Using those products means you concerns about our environmental problems.

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#1. Lennox XP25 Heat Pump

Lennox XP25 heat pumpThe quality of a heat pump is decided by its efficiency and performance. Lennox XP25 is an efficient heat pump in the market. No wonder that it is listed as the best heat pump from this company. The efficiency rating by SEER of this product is up to 23.5. Meanwhile, HSPF granted 10.2 rating for the same heat pump. With such rating, this product is able to give perfect performance. If you are using this product, you will be able to conserve electricity bills up to $519 for every year.

In order to make homeowners feel convenience with performance of this product, the manufacturer designs this appliance to produce noise as minimal as possible. It only generates 58 dB of noise which will not disturb your activity at all. This amazing heat pump comes with warranty for its components. You can enjoy the warranty for no less than ten years.

#2. Lennox XP21 Heat Pump

Lennox XP21 heat pumpThe second heat pump product in our list is Lennox XP21. The manufacturer intentionally designs this product to have high efficiency. SEER rating earned by this series is 19.2. On the other hand, the efficiency rating from HSPF is 9.7. Those ratings mean you will be able to save 48% of electricity bill every year. It incorporates SilentComfort™ innovation to reduce noise when it is being used. You will not be disturbed since it only generates 67 dB of noise.

Interesting feature that you might want to know about this product is its compatibility with solar panel. You can connect this amazing appliance with solar modules on your roof. Harnessing free sun energy to heat your room is the best way to reduce electricity bills significantly. Multi stage process of producing heat and cool air incorporated by this product allows you to conserve more electricity as well.

#3. Lennox SL18XP1 Heat Pump

Lennox SL18XP1 Heat PumpLennox SL18XP1 is the last heat pump product that we will discuss in this review. Lennox designs this product exclusively for people who have hard time finding out an efficient heat pump. Besides being efficient product, it is also able to conserve up to 44 % of your electricity bill each year. Imagine how that number brings you benefit. You do not have to be worried over disturbing noise produced by heat pump. This product only produces 65 dB. That number is definitely lower than noise produced by vacuum cleaner. As one of the best heat pumps produced by Lennox, it also features 10 years of component warranty.