Best Carrier Heat Pump Reviews

The rising popularity of air cooling product has triggered the growth of so many heat pump manufacturers around the world. But not all of them are able to create a modern product with nice appearance and high functionality as well. This is why only few companies get huge attention from the public. And one of them is Carrier that was founded in Farminton, part of Connecticut and has existed since 1915. Starting as an independent company, now it has so created so many popular Heat Pump products in the world. And by choosing the best Carrier Heat Pump, your needs toward a modern and functional air cooling system will be completely fulfilled.

The Advantages of Carrier Heat Pump

Carrier is United States air cooling brand that was founded by an engineer named Willis Carrier with his six other friends. Made a good start as HVAC (heating, ventilating and air cooling) distributor as well as manufacturer, nowadays the company has succeeded in creating one of the leading air cooling brands in the world. With such a long history and experience, of course we can say that the Carrier Heat Pump product surely will be featured with such a high quality. Moreover, you can read below explanation to understand the more detailed information about the advantages of the brand that operates under the United Technologies Corporation Building and Industrial System.

Firstly, most of the heat pumps from Carrier have such a nice look and great design, so it can perfectly blend with every housing design. This is also the first product that uses the advance drive of variable speed, makes it able to slow down and speed up the compressor motor effectively. This drive is also popularly-know to create such a great performance up to 13 HSPF with high efficiency of energy use, about 20.5 SEER ratings. Further, the Greenspeed feature that installed in some products makes them able to effectively result a quiet operation with only 58dB level. Moreover, some models of it have a relatively lower cost.

Top 3 Carrier Heat Pump Reviews

#1. Carrier infinity 20

Carrier infinity 20Surely, you will find so many kinds of heat pump by Carrier in the market. But, the three below are the ones that have high number of selling. Featured with best performance and energy efficiency, there is no wonder that they are so highly recommended for buyers. Stepping to the first product in line, we have a Carrier Infinity 20 Heat Pump. This is the product that has such a compact design and nice appearance with price starting from $3.449. So, you will be able to get very nicely comfortable to be applied with your home design. Further, it is also considered as one that fits perfectly to such places with a very cold winter or very hot summer. This product also considered as the one with high energy efficient, about 20.5 SEER rating, and 13.0 HSPF for its performance. Moreover, in order to create best performance, the company already gave this heat pump with sophisticate feature such as compressor with variable capacity, top-rated Infinity Thermostat, protection with Weather Armor System, and more.

#2. Carrier infinity 19

Carrier infinity 19The second choice goes to the one with the tittle 2013 Top Rated Heat Pump called Carrier Infinity 19. With price starting from $2.679, this one is considered as the second-best model of 2-stage air cooling device manufactured by Carrier. It also has a good efficiency rating, up to 19 SEER, makes this product is the one which is best to be placed in a place with such an extreme climate. Besides the high efficiency it has, this product also comes with high performance, proven by its HSPF that reaches the number of 19. Some other features such as hybrid heat (double fuel capability). Speaking about features, you will find various kinds of them perfectly installed inside this heat pump. And by their presence, this device will be able to provide extra comfort during cold super winter and extremely hot summer. They are pressure control with switches that protects the compressor, silencer II for quieter operation, ultra cabinet protection with Weather Armor technology, and many more.

#3. Carrier infinity 16

Carrier infinity 16The last one comes to Carrier Infinity 16. This is one product that has an ENERGY STAR label with 16.5 SEER rating of efficiency. It also owns a high quality and covered with warranty in 10 years. Bringing advance feature such as compressor with pressure protection switches and single-stage run, filter drier, cabinet with Weather Armor System, and more, this product has succeeded in stealing the attention in lower cost level heat pump, which is starting from $1639. Moreover, featured with 76dB level, it will provide such a quiet operation. That’s all of the reviews of some heat pumps from Carrier in the market. Hopefully it can be beneficial in helping you to decide which one is able to meet your needs.