Best Bryant Heat Pump Reviews

One of the attractions of heat pump is on its multi function. Able to act as both heating and cooling system, this product has been so popular for any households in the world since decades ago. Although there are so many manufacturers produce this kind of device, not all of them can bring the modern heat pump with high performance and energy efficiency as well. And one of them who can is Bryant, a company that focuses on creating air cooling system. Therefore, by choosing the best Bryant heat pump, your need toward a modern air cooling system with advance features and high functionality will be completely fulfilled.

What You Get in Using Bryant Heat Pump

However, compared to the other product in the market, the Bryant Heat Pump has its own character which is different from others. This unique character will certainly be followed with some benefits too. And to know figure out what benefits that this device has, firstly we should take a deeper understanding toward the detail of this this product. Generally, the heat pumps from Bryant is manufactured under three major product lines, they are Evolution, Preferred, and Legacy. And each of these lines brings their own characteristic as stated below.

First is the Evolution. With the title of Consumer Digest Best Buy of 2012, this product line has high energy efficiency with HSPF of 13. Completed with humidity control and variable speed of compressor, this line is also able to be operated in outdoor with such a low temperature in about 9 degree F. Then, we move to the Preferred. This product lines offers the perfect combination of performance and energy efficiency too. More importantly, it is also considered as the one that aesthetically fit for the outdoor unit. Moreover, you can find double compressors for better performance on some products under this line. And talking about Legacy, this is the most economical option with relatively lower price than other product lines. Even so, it also comes with proper energy efficiency and high performance.

Top 3 Bryant Heat pump Reviews

#1. Bryant 280A heat pump

Bryant 280A heat pumpTo complement the information above, here are the reviews of top three heat pump products manufactured by Bryant. First, is the one called Bryant 280A Heat Pump from the line of Evolution Extreme. This product that tagged with price starting from $3.289 appears with a compact elegant design, makes it an aesthetically superior heat pump. Further, comes with ENERGY STAR label, this pump has high level of performance and amazing efficiency of energy use, proven with 20.5 rating of SEER and 13 HSPF. With this specification, there is no wonder if it is considered as most efficient Heat Pump in 2014. Moreover, comes with Connex™ control technology, you will be able to dehumidify this device optimally. In addition, this product also able to operate quietly and completed with many functional features such as depleting puron with non-ozone in the refrigerator, true operation of variable-speed with lower and longer speed cycles, zoned system with excellent performance, and many more.

#2. Bryant 289B heat pump

Bryant 289B heat pumpThe second one is Bryant 289B Heat Pump that also comes from the Evolution product line. Offering 10 HSPF of heating and 19 of SEER rating, this one considered one Bryant’s product that owns high reliability and efficiency as well. And to deliver extra energy saving as well as more comfort, this heat pump also completed with 2-stage of operation. Further, with the recent technology that developed by its manufacturer, the operation of this heat pump will be more smooth and more quiet. Moreover, to support its high performance, Bryant already gave this product such an advance feature that will definitely be functional in order to create the perfect temperature during the freeze cold winter and hot sticky summer as well. they are protection system with DuraGuard™ technology, designed with AeroQuiet™ system, Puron refrigerant, Connex™ technology that allows this device to be controlled from anyplace by the capability of remote access that completed with WiFi, and more.

#3. Bryant 288BNV Heat Pump

Bryant 288BNV Heat PumpAnd the last one is Bryant 288BNV Heat Pump that again, comes from the Evolution line. This is a relatively small-shaped and unique product with rotary compressor and inverter technology to generate better control of variable-speed. Completed with 18 SEER of efficiency and 11 HSPF of performance, this pump is able to provide more comfort and quiet operation too. Moreover, the manufacturer also installs several advance features that are very functional to control the temperature. These features are construction with sheet metal, refrigerant of depleting Puron with non-ozone technology, small variable-speed to be fit in every landscape, and many others. Finally, that’s all of the reviews. May it can help you to decide the best Bryant Heat Pump for your household.