Best American Standard Heat Pump Reviews and Specifications

Heat pump has the same working method as air conditioner. The only difference between those devices is the air movement direction. Air conditioner produces cold and fresh air and removes the hot temperature from your room. On the other hand, heat pump produces hot air to warm your room. These days, several manufacturers produce the best heat pump in the market. One of those manufacturers is American Standard. The best American Standard heat pump has several advantages that you will not be able to find in any other products. In this review, we will also discuss about specification of top three heat pump products manufactured by American Standard.

Advantages of American Standar Heat Pump

The main benefit of American Standard heat pump is its efficiency. The equation of heat is very simple. For your information, a heat pump requires one power unit. By using this power unit, the pump is able to generate between 3 and 5 heat unit. From this equation, you will understand how efficient this product is. Besides the efficient result, the process is also efficient as well. Refrigerant technology is used by this device to absorb heat which is eventually released when it condenses. Heat pump by American Standard is not only using refrigerant, but also evaporator technology as well.

Heat absorbed by evaporator comes from certain area with high temperature. Before the heat is released, it must go through condenser first. Heat pump is not only efficient heat generator, but also nature friendly product. The alternative heat sources are gas and oil. Both of them might produce sufficient amount of heat. However, the product released by those sources might not good for your environment. Therefore, it is suggested to use heat pump by American Standard. It uses electricity to power up the system. Unlike gas and oil, the electricity is renewable source of heat. It also does not pollute your environment.

Top 3 American Standar Heat Pump Reviews

#1. AccuComfort Platinum 20 Heat Pump

AccuComfort Platinum 20 heat pumpAccuComfort Platinum 20 is one of three leading heat pumps produced by American Standard. This product is famous due to its superiority. It has high rate of efficiency. Multiple layers of heating and cooling procedures are implemented on this device. In addition to those excellent ability, this product also produces less noise than any the others. When turning this device on, you do not have to be worried that it will make disturbing noise. This benefit is obtained due to the lower compressor modulation. The fan speed is designed in such ways, so it does not produce unnecessary noise when being operated.

Since temperature of certain room might not stable, it incorporates smart heat setting which can automatically adapt to the room temperature. As a product that generates efficient heat, it is able to improve heating capacity up to 20%. This heat pump product incorporates technology called AccuComfort™. The innovation allows the technology has cleanest system.

#2. Gold 17 Heat Pump Heat Pump

Gold 17 heat pumpWhen you are looking for one of the best heat pumps manufactured by American Standard, you can always rely on Gold 17 heat pump. Besides famous due to its superior efficiency, this device also produces less noise when being operated. Technology applied in this amazing product uses several stages of cooling and heating process. This feature is intentionally equipped to the heat pump to provide maximum comfort. Besides comfortable aspect, American Standard also considers environmental aspect as well. Unlike any other heat pump, refrigerant used in cooling and heating process is eco-friendly. Therefore, it does not damage ozone layers on atmosphere.

Talking about efficiency, this eco-friendly heat pump is able to conserve up to 56% of energy when being used for heating and cooling process. At the same time, it is also has the ability to reduce gasses responsible for global warming and greenhouse effect. The exterior of this efficient heat pump uses protective layers against the rust and extreme weather.

#3. Silver 16 Heat Pump Heat Pump

Silver 16 Heat PumpThe last product by American Standard that we will review here is Silver 16 heat pump. This product is able to process reliable heat and cold air. The Duration™ compressor equipped in the heat pump ensures you about the reliable result. As it goes to other impressive product by American Standard, it also produces less noise when being operated. This ability is achieved due to latest innovation called as Spin Fin™ Coil. Besides having impressive engine, the exterior is no less impressive as well. Protective layer is added on the coating to protect it from rust. This feature allows the device to extend its lifespan.