Best Amana Heat Pump Reviews

Heat pump has been huge trend recently since it brings more benefits than other air-cooling products. Appears as both heating and cooling system, this device has been succeeded in attracting people’s attention with its simplicity and functionality. More interestingly, heat pump also featured with high durability (its lifespan about 20 until 25 years) and better efficiency of energy use. Further, if you are about to afford it, Amana comes as one brand that is highly recommended. By choosing the best Amana heat pump, you will be able to fulfill your needs toward a modern, functional, and efficient air cooling products. Then, what will you get by choosing this brand? You will find out the answer of this question below.

Reasons in Choosing Amana Heat Pump Brings

Amana Heat Pump is a product of history. The company, Amana, was firstly founded in Amana, part of Iowa, by George Foerstner in 1934. Starting as beverage coolers device manufacturer, now its product has expanded in several aspect of household equipment, especially on air cooling system. Further, runs under the license of Goodman Manufacturing, this company have made superior products which have so many advantages that the other haven’t. And for more detailed-information about the benefits that this brand has, you can read below explanation.

One reason of why Amana’s products become very popular is that the company provides them variously from the simplest device until the advance one with several sophisticated features. All of them are tagged with wide range of price. As a result, many people from different economy levels can afford the one which is suitable with their budget. Other reason is the high quality of it. With certification of AHRI, these heat pumps are completed with so many functional features such as sound blanketed-compressor that makes it operate quietly, drier that efficiently protects the device, refrigerant with chlorine-free materials for environmental friendlier, and many others. More interestingly, Amana also gives 10-years warranty for each of their heat pump products. Therefore, if you are looking forward to this kind of cooling system, you better read the following reviews.

Top 3 Amana Heat Pump Reviews

#1. Amana ASZC18

Amana ASZC18There are so many products that Amana has launched, but the following three are considered as the best ones. Not only bring the big name of the company, these heat pumps also bring quality, advance features, and high functionality as well. The first one on the list is Amana ASZC18 Heat Pump. Completed with limited parts warranty of 10 years, this product has high efficiency of energy use. It is proven by the high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) that this heat pump has. With 18-SEER rating, this product will be able to achieve 9.50 of Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF). Moreover, if you like the one with ease, this kind of heat pump also able to be monitored remotely by using HVAC contractor. Moreover, as the premium product, you will be able to find such advance features such as accumulator of suction line, heater band, and filter drier with bi-flow line of liquid that are factory installed, enclosure with galvanize steel, heavy gauge, Smartshift™ technology, and many more.

#2. Amana ASZ16

Amana ASZ16The second choice goes to Amana ASZ16 Heat Pump, which is also classified as premium product. With the good customer reviews, this heat pump has received such a high rating, 4.7 out of 5. From here, we can conclude that this is the one that can be easily accepted by the public. Further, speaking about feature, this modern air cooling system already featured with several advance technology. Completed with ComfortAlert™, you will be able to remotely monitor the performance of this device from a HVAC contractor. More interestingly, with the advance enhancements system that installed in it, you will find quiet in the operation of this heat pump. Besides, the company also guarantees the quality of this product by giving limited part warranty in 10 years. In addition, energy efficiency also becomes a main concern. Having 16-SEER rating, this kind of air cooling system is able to deliver such a high performance with 9.0 of HSPF.

#3. Amana ASZ14

Amana ASZ14The last product is Amana ASZ14 Heat Pump. Owning the third place of the list, of course this heat pump is not as superior as the previous ones. Even so, it still considered as upper class among other products. For example, this product offers high energy efficiency with SEER rating reach the number of 15. And as the previous one, this heat pump will be able to be remotely monitored by HVAC contractor. Moreover, it will also operates quietly with the help of sound control that specially designed by the company. That’s all of top-three Heat Pump reviews from Amana. However, with the right product, a perfect room temperature will not be something impossible.